About Us

The Western Province Tourism Board is a statutory body established under Enactment No. 03 of 1994.  This institution was established with the objective of  sustainable utilization of the tourism potentiality in the province.

The Western Province in extent of 3782 Sq.Km. consist with a number of various potentialities that could be developed as tourist destinations within the province.  The province is the economic administrative center and, the key access points such as Colombo port, International airport are located in the province which are specially important for touris affairs.


“To be the Western Province as the most attractive tourist destination”


“To convert the Western Province as the most attractive tourist destination through the development of infrastructure facilities, promotion activities and enhancing the professional skills in the tourism field, providing friendly, efficient, sustainable and high standard services to the tourism field associated enterpreneurs.”

Foremost Ranges
  • Development of the infrastructure facilities
  • Promotion of the tourist destinations and migration
  • Enhancing the professional skills and capacities
  • Institutional sustainability


The Tourist Promotion Policies in the Western Province
  • Establishment and empowering the community base organizations to manage the tourist destinations
  • Increasing the women participation for training programs
  • Absorbing to the feedback programs in propaganda medias
  • Preparing the action plan in compliance to the five years strategic plan
  • Participatory development with tourist service institutions
  • Co-operative development with provincial government institutions and government institutions
  • Continuous staff training and evaluation
  • Continuous training and awareness creation
  • Updating licenses, annually